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Are you facing a difficult family situation such as a divorce, child custody dispute or trying to negotiate the terms of child support and visitation in a suit affecting a parent-child relationship (SAPCR)? The first step in any legal matter can often be the most important one. Discuss your concerns about any matter that affects your family's future with an experienced attorney.

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Although divorce is common in our culture, it is never easy. Some divorces are more amicable than others. Some involve more or less complex division of the marital property whether it is a person's separate property or any community property that was obtained through the course of the marriage. The details of your divorce are very personal to you and each person's situation will be unique. Whether it is to help you through property and custody negotiations or even taking the matter to mediation or trial, I will help you put this difficult process in the past so that you can move forward with your life.

When Your Future Is In The Balance

The same can be said of a criminal defense matter. Hopeful next steps are what you need to turn a negative into a positive. After spending a number of years as a prosecutor and now working with people accused of criminal acts, I am skilled on both sides of criminal law matters and am ready to provide you every available opportunity to help yourself. Most importantly, I will protect your constitutional rights and skillfully defend you before a prosecutor, judge and/or jury.

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Are you looking for inflated, exaggerated predictions on how your legal matter will be resolved — or truthful, practical advice and direction? Clients of Knapp Law Firm, PLLC, appreciate my straightforward results-oriented approach to family law and criminal matters. I explain all of your options and, with your help, come up with a plan that will resolve your issue to your satisfaction. You should not fear scary secrets lurking around every corner as you go through a divorce, when you or a family member is charged with a criminal offense, or when helping your teenager through the juvenile justice process. I believe in clear communication and upfront honest advocacy for my clients.

With Knapp Law Firm, PLLC, on your side, you will face your challenges with confidence. Located in McKinney, Texas, our law firm represents clients in Collin County and throughout the North Dallas area. Call Gary Knapp at 214-717-6445 or email my law offices to schedule a consultation.


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