Custody And Support Issues Impact Young Lives Significantly

Child custody is often the most painful issue in a divorce or separation — and the most important. It is natural for you to be concerned about your child's wellbeing as one household divides into two. Emotions may be on edge during the process of separation, but over time, new realities can become more manageable. A compassionate lawyer is a valuable resource as you seek to protect your parental rights during this time of family restructuring.

All Children Deserve Stability — Including Yours

In fact, fathers' rights, mothers' rights and child welfare are closely intertwined, even when parents live separate lives. Children are remarkably resilient as long as their needs are met. I believe in the vital importance of secure, strong parent-child relationships. So do my clients who find themselves entangled in child custody disputes and questions about child support.

I Am A Knowledgeable, Caring Child Custody Lawyer In The North Dallas Area

From law offices in McKinney, I counsel and advocate for parents navigating the legal aspects of separation and divorce. Sometimes other family members, such as grandparents, seek custody through suits affecting parent-child relationships (SAPCRs). Questions may arise about grandparents' rights and the child's best interests. Whatever your position in the family and whatever your goals, I can help.

I Can Advise You On Your Parental Rights And Represent You In Child Custody Negotiations, Mediation Or Trial

In my family law practice, I encourage and advise parents who are determined to protect and provide well for their children despite the disruption of separation or divorce. As needed, I help clients work out practical joint custody arrangements (also described in Texas family law as possession and visitation schedules).

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Parenting Rights And Custody Goals

Schedule a time to bring your child custody concerns to my attention and I will explain how I can help. Together, we can discover solutions that will work in your family. Call 214-717-6445 or send an email inquiry to request a meeting with me, your nearby family law attorney.